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What is Explosive Training?

alora-griffiths-ymBZhfHwEPM-unsplashWhether participating in a team sport or playing against an individual competitor, sometimes you make snap decisions. Think quickly and act quickly to score the point, block your opponent, and win the match. In order to stay agile and prepared for the unexpected in a game, athletes may include explosive training techniques as part of their regular workouts. If you wish to improve your game, you may want to add a few such drills to your routine.

What Is Explosive Training?

Explosive training helps an athlete improve their reaction time during performance. The exercises combine speed and strength in order to improve the body’s ability to move quickly when needed and to power down otherwise. Explosive drills can build muscle and increase body power, as well as help condition your reaction time.

The exercises you perform will depend on your physical needs and the sport you play. Examples of drills practiced during explosive training include:

Depth Jumps: To complete a depth jump, stand on a raised surface like a box. Step and drop down to the ground, then immediately jump straight into the air and land soft. This exercise is designed to strengthen your leg muscles and help you spring into action.

Sprints: Short, timed runs on a track or similar surface help athletes increase their overall speed. Sprinting exercises are good for increasing the heart rate and the body’s metabolic rate.

Kettlebell Swings: Swinging a kettlebell weight between your legs in this exercise builds strength in your arms. It’s also beneficial for your back and shoulders, as well as improving balance.

Squats: Squatting exercises may be combined with jumps for added value. Squats work the hip muscles, calves and hamstrings, and are beneficial for helping to prevent injury on the playing field.

At Bon Secours Sports Performance, our expert trainers can work with you to determine which explosive drills work best for your athletic needs. Contact us today to learn more about our individualized and team sports programs.