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Three Steps To Improving Cycling Performance

pexels-pixabay-248547Warmer weather means it’s time to take the bike out of storage and get back to pedaling. Cycling is a fun, healthy activity for people of all ages and skill levels. It is great for helping maintain balance, it strengthens the leg muscles, and it’s also good for the environment if you spend more time on your bicycle than in your car. 

If you ride for performance and competition as well as for leisure, you know the importance of maintaining your strength and endurance. May is National Bike Month, a good time to consider best practices for a top cycling form. 

Use the right equipment

Not every bicycle is designed for long-distance cycling. The bike you choose must not only align to your riding goals, but should also fit your body. When you visit a bike shop you will be “fitted” to the proper frame so you can ride without experiencing discomfort. Also consider using safety equipment–proper bike shoes, helmet, and biking gloves–for protection in the event of falls.

Once you are rolling, so to speak, take the time to learn how your bicycle works. Different gears are used for different terrains, for example. If you ride with a group, know the etiquette of passing other riders and “drafting.” 

Set realistic goals

Maybe long-distance cycling is something you’ve wanted to do, and now you have the opportunity and the equipment. One key to success lies in knowing the steps to take toward reaching your mileage goals. You may not achieve a hundred-mile loop on the first trip if you aren’t an avid cyclist. Set reasonable goals of shorter distance rides and work your way toward a new personal best each time.

Stay properly fueled

Cycling burns calories. It’s important to hydrate as you ride–use those bottle cages–and observe good nutrition for muscle recovery. Bon Secours Sports Performance Dieticians helps athletes of all sports keep their energy levels high, and they are ready to advise so you can meet your goals on the bike.

For further assistance on maintaining peak physical performance, contact Bon Secours Sports Performance for more information on our individualized and group athlete programs. Let us help you get ready for summer.