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Tactical Training

TacticalMembers of law enforcement, the military, specialist operations and fire and rescue personnel face unique physical challenges on a daily basis. With conditions and situations constantly changing, tactical performance training can make a difference when it comes to success — and even survival.

At Bon Secours Sports Performance, we are proud to help those who protect our country and communities. Our performance specialists create customized training programs to help tactical athletes increase their strength, agility and speed, endurance, and decrease their risk for injury by improving their flexibility and technique.

Our comprehensive tactical program also includes:

  • Physical training tailored to meet each athlete’s needs and the demands of their job.
  • Energy system development to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacities.
  • Recovery strategies for both off-duty and mission-based environments.
  • Physical therapy to improve strength and mobility.

For tactical athletes facing an injury, our return-to-duty protocols focus on preparing individuals to resume their duties at an optimum level of performance through conditioning and by incorporating job-specific tasks into training.

Please contact us to learn more about how we help tactical athletes safely achieve peak performance and improve their career longevity.


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