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How Strength and Conditioning Coaching Helps Prevent Injury

victor-freitas-hOuJYX2K5DA-unsplashWhat comes to mind when asked why athletes work with Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists? Increasing speed and agility and overall performance are important reasons to have a trainer on hand. For those interested in sports more for exercise than competition, a trainer can assist with form and other benefits like improved heart rate. All are important for success, as is injury prevention.

How does your trainer keep you from getting hurt on the court or field? Much of injury prevention involves knowing what to do before you take the first step. When you work with a trainer at Bon Secours Sports Performance, regardless of your sport or activity of choice, you’ll receive personalized attention designed to improve your game. Your trainer may work with you in different ways to ensure you remain in optimal athletic form.

Warm-Up Exercises: Your trainer knows which exercises are best before a match. You’ll learn how to stretch your muscles and how long to warm up before a game so you are not at risk during play.

Proper Use of Equipment: Protection helps when playing a contact sport, but if used incorrectly there are risks of failure. Your trainer will recommend the correct procedures for helmets and padded gear, and also advise on the best rackets, bat, and clubs for your grip.

Nutrition: What you eat or drink before a game can impact your performance. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists can offer advice on proper sports nutrition to prevent cramps, illness and other risks to your performance.

Injury prevention is key to improved sports performance at any age. A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from Bon Secours Sports Performance can help you spot problem areas in your routines and correct them before they cause you harm. Contact us today to learn more about our individualized and team programs for athletes of all levels.