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How To Stay Fit During Fall Semester

pexels-startup-stock-photos-7096About a month has passed since the newest crop of freshmen began their first terms at college. Those living on campus have had time to adjust to living in dorms, getting to class on time, and navigating busy campuses. It’s an exciting time, full of challenges and stresses, which is why it’s important to make sure freshmen to seniors observe good habits.

We have all heard the myth of the “Freshman Fifteen,” believed to be the average number of pounds a college student gains in their first year. In truth, various studies have shown that first-years are more likely to gain an average of five to seven pounds. While this seems like better news, it still indicates that new college students may be susceptible to temptations and behaviors that could lead to lax health.

Skipping meals, overconsumption of coffee and soda, unhealthy snacking, and stress eating can contribute to weight gain during these formative years. While college requires good work habits to keep high grades, students should balance their new lifestyles and have fun, and find different ways to stay fit. Many schools have an on-campus fitness center for students to access, along with programs introducing them to aerobics, yoga, and other exercises. Thirty minutes a day of exercise to get the blood flowing can make a big difference.

Other ways college students can fight stress and stay fit include:

  • Walking to class as opposed to using a motorized scooter.
  • Walking or riding a bike when making trips off campus
  • Use stairs whenever possible as opposed to elevators – get in your steps
  • Proper hydration – drinking more water instead of energy drinks and caloric sodas
  • Eat breakfast – after that morning meal, you are less likely to snack/binge during the day
  • Make healthy choices in the cafeteria – keep fruit and low-sugar snacks handy
  • Take breaks during homework – stand up, stretch, and breathe

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