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Team Performance Training

Count on our team of certified performance specialists to help your team improve its performance and reduce injury risks. Our program uses cutting-edge training methods for all ages to correct movement patterns while improving muscular strength, endurance, speed and agility. Through evaluation and collaboration with coaches and managers, we create customized programs that meet the needs and goals of each team, from pre-season through the playoffs.

Our Team Performance Training Program

  • Techniques and proper form will be taught for dynamic warm-ups and movement preparation so the body is prepared for intense training and competition.
  • Innovative speed and agility drills to improve linear and multi-directional speed and footwork.
  • Advanced plyometrics, intervals and strength training to improve explosive capabilities and anaerobic/aerobic systems.
  • Injury prevention strategies throughout performance training.
  • Team nutrition seminars by Registered Dietitians to help athletes fuel their bodies for upcoming demanding events to improve performance.
  • Pre and post evaluations that assess speed, agility, power, strength and body composition.
  • Programs customized for sport specific movements and demands.

Benefits of Team Training

  • Improved Team Unity and Camaraderie
  • Improved Functional Movement, Strength and Power
  • Growth and Preparation for Collegiate Strength and Conditioning
  • Decreased Potential Injury Rates Among Student Athletes
  • Motivating and Competitive Environment
  • Improved Reaction Times with Increases in Speed and Agility

Our Team Training Performance Experts

Washington Redskins Training Center

Memorial Regional Medical Center

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