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FootballChampionships and postseason honors are earned both between the lines and in the gym. Standing out at the combine or on the field takes a commitment to your training program. At Bon Secours Sports Performance in Richmond, our dedicated performance staff knows the proper power, strength, speed and agility training it takes to be an impact player. Our expert performance specialists use their knowledge of the body, extensive experience of the game, and the best technology available to assess your potential and have you playing bigger, faster and stronger on the football field.

Our Football/Combine Program

The training required to excel in the combine differs greatly from the functional skills needed on the field, so the knowledge of how to best perform each test is critical to your success.

Bon Secours Sports Performance’s Combine Prep program is set up to be a 6 to 8-week focused, comprehensive training plan designed to optimize an athlete’s performance during combine testing. Our performance specialists train athletes to become physically and mentally prepared for the specific techniques that will shave those precious seconds or add that important rep to your score.

Performance Evaluations include:

  • Combine-Specific Training
    Specialized focus on: Bench Press, Pro Agility, L-Drill, 40-Yard Dash, Vertical and Broad Jumps, and Position Specific Preparation.
  • Seven Point Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to Identify Neuromuscular Deficiencies
  • Body Composition and Nutritional Information
  • Strength and Conditioning Training
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • High Speed Video Analysis *Available*

Performance programs focus on building power, strength and speed with:

  • Movement Prep (Dynamic Warm-up)
  • Speed and Agility Drills
  • Strength Training and Power Development
  • Combine Specific Techniques and Drills
  • Pillar/Core Strength Training
  • Recovery

All training programs are developed based on the results of our thorough evaluation and will be tailored dependent on whether you are in preseason, in-season or off-season competition.

Our football/combine training program is offered at our Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond and Memorial Regional Medical Center in Mechanicsville.

For individual, team or group training for football, please call (804) 325-8812 (Richmond) or (804) 442-3670 (Mechanicsville) for rates and availability.


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