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Skills You Need For A Better Game of Tennis

How to Improve Your Tennis GameTennis demands a variety of athletic skills. You can’t simply be strong or fast. Your technique, your footwork and your coordination are all vital to your performance and require careful practice to get right.

If you want to improve your tennis game, you’ll need to go back to the basics and focus on your skills. An experienced athletic trainer can design the appropriate workout program for you, helping you see huge improvements in your tennis performance. Whether you are on a school sports team or play casually on the weekends, you can take your game to the next level by improving these athletic skills:

Speed and Agility

Your footwork helps you get to the ball and be ready for a good return. You can use a variety of footwork drills to improve your speed and agility. By repeating these drills over and over, you’ll see that you can change direction faster, have stronger and stiffer ankles and even notice better flexibility from your hips down.


When working with an athletic trainer, you’ll likely take a video-analysis of your game. These high-speed videos help you and your trainer identify problems in your technique and coordination that could be costing you points. Based on your specific needs, your trainer can design an exercise program to improve your form and increase coordination. You’ll be able to focus on minor details like shifting your weight from foot to foot, grip on the racquet and much more.


While powerful shoulder and back muscles are important in tennis, you can’t neglect your calves and thighs. You need explosive strength in your legs like a sprinter so you can move quickly around the court. It’s important to remember in tennis that muscle mass is not as important as muscle conditioning. Muscle mass can help with fast motions, but will hurt your endurance, which is also vital to great tennis performance.

Weight training and plyometric exercises can condition your muscles to move fast and grow strong. Your exercises should focus on movements you use during a match, such as moving quickly to the side. Your strength training can have added benefits of preventing common injuries to ankles and shoulders.


Finally, increasing your stamina can help if you start to falter in later sets. Slowly build your stamina by increasing the length of your practice, running drills or simply running. When improving your cardiovascular endurance, be careful not to do too much too fast. Add more time slowly as your body can handle it. Slow and steady can help you prevent injuries and burnout.

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