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How Performance Training Benefits Firefighters and Police Officers

Performance TrainingWhether you are a police officer, firefighter or member of the military, your job can require a lot from you physically. Just like an athlete, you can benefit from performance training that focuses on improving your strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility.

Improved Job Performance

No matter how long you’ve been on the job, improved physical fitness can help you perform better on duty. Performance training programs can be customized based on your current physical fitness and your fitness goals. A great program will slowly ramp up exercise to safely build muscle and endurance.

Performance programs can also be customized to your specific job. For instance, firefighters may need increased strength in their legs and back to handle heavy equipment while mounting stairs. Police officers may need increased endurance for chasing possible perpetrators. The right performance program helps you improve the skills you use every day on the job.

Relief from Common Health Problems

Back problems are incredibly common among people who have physical demands at work. A performance training program can help strengthen your core, reducing back pain.

Performance training can help with other common issues such as foot or knee pain, neck pain or poor cardiovascular fitness. By building strength and endurance, you’ll find that you feel better both on and off the job.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Injuries can put your career in jeopardy and keep you from fulfilling your job responsibilities. By increasing your flexibility and strength, a performance training program can effectively reduce your risk for on-the-job injuries.

A performance training program should also include recovery strategies. Recovering properly from a workout, mission or difficult rescue means allowing your body to rest for the right amount of time. Pushing yourself too hard day after day increases your risk for injury. Performance training programs help you understand the importance of rest and recovery and respect your body’s limits in a healthy way.

Increased Career Longevity

The fitter your body, the younger you feel even after decades on the job. By maintaining physical fitness at every age, you can add years to your career and continue doing what you love.

In addition to improving physical fitness, performance training programs should include a focus on proper nutrition. Eating a diet that is designed to help you perform can help reduce your risk for chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes and ensure that you can meet the health requirements for your job.

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