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March is Athletic Training Month

jonathan-borba-lrQPTQs7nQQ-unsplashIn March we celebrate National Athletic Training Month. At Bon Secours Virginia Sports Performance we are proud to have some of the best trainers and Registered Dieticians on staff to help you improve your game. Whether you play a sport professionally or want to improve your skills for your favorite leisure activity, we are here to help.

Why employ an athletic trainer? The positive changes made to your routines can increase your oxygen intake, build muscle strength, and raise your mood. 

Performance evaluation

Athletic trainers pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses during sports performance. They use special equipment to analyze your movement – how you run, jump, and play – and work with you on a strategy to get the best results.

Injury prevention

Step a certain way, turn your torso or neck too soon, and you may put your body at risk for injury. An athletic trainer can help you study your form as you run or jump and determine if you are setting yourself up for a big hurt. Trainers are educated to see actions and motions that may look normal to us, but are actually portentous for sprains and fractures.

Speed/agility improvement

If you need to reach the finish line a few seconds faster, an athletic trainer can help. Certain exercises are designed to improve performance and your trainer will work through the steps with you to get the times and scores you want.

Fitness nutrition

Training doesn’t end on the field or track. Everything you eat helps determine your overall performance. Athletic trainers can advise you on what foods to eat and what to avoid, as well as the best recovery methods for your body post-workout.

How can Bon Secours Virginia Sports Performance trainers work for you? Contact us today to learn about our programs for professional athletes, teams and youth.