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Get Ready For College Sports

riley-mccullough-iezcEpGuYdE-unsplashThe acceptance emails are steadily rolling out to our high school students. We would like to congratulate all of this year’s graduating seniors. If you, or your child, intends to try out for a college sport in the fall or next spring, it’s a good idea to prepare now. Competition will be fiercer than in high school, and college sports can be more rigorous.

As you’re shopping for dorm accessories and planning your first semester of classes, keep this mind as you prepare for a new level of athletic performance.

Strength Training

Summer is a busy time for the transitioning student. It’s also the ideal time to get involved in a conditioning program or exercise schedule. Depending on your chosen sport, you will want to work in a few weekly sessions at a fitness center to maintain your strength and cardiovascular health. If your sport involves a bat or racket, work in exercises to better develop your range of motion and injury prevention.

Eating Well

You may be taking the summer off from classwork, but don’t neglect the work going into your body to keep it healthy and strong. Stay hydrated when working out and watch sweets. If you need guidance on proper nutrition to help you stay competitive at the collegiate level, consider meeting with a Registered Dietician who specializes in sports nutrition.

Proper Mindset

While physical strength and endurance are important in your pre-college training, you should also focus on your mental health. College is very different from high school. Even for students who stay at home, there are schedule adjustments and work loads to consider. Devote time to getting to know your new school and learning what is expected of you as a student athlete. The better you can balance both sides, the better you will succeed.

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