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How To Get Your Kids Involved In Sports

pexels-pixabay-163239Summer sports for youth groups are in full swing, but it’s never too late to think about the future if you have small children. Youth activities run year round in Hampton Roads, and group and individual sports are a great way to keep your children active and promote healthy habits. Kids will vary with regards to interest, however, and if you find your children are not as eager to get involved you may want to consider encouraging them.

Set An Example

Children learn by the examples you set. If you want to get your kids involved in some kind of outdoor activity, show them what you enjoy. Take your children out for a walk or hike, go cycling, or take them to a neighborhood park for basketball or tennis. If you want to gauge their interest in group sports, take them to a baseball game and see if the activity interests them from a playing standpoint. 

Sample Everything 

Don’t limit yourself or your kids to just one sport. While the weather is nice, expose them to all the possibilities–golf, tennis, swimming, volleyball, and other activities. Eventually you will find your children attracted to a specific sport and from there you can determine lessons and equipment.

Stick To A Schedule

Setting aside a specific time for activities helps any person keep to schedule. Work with your children on a time to turn off all devices and go outside for play. Once they become involved in a sports organization the regular practice will be easier to follow. 

Don’t Force It

While sports maintain a competitive spirit, they should also be fun. If your children are not enjoying the game, don’t force them to play. Talk with your children to determine the conflicts, and work toward a solution. Your children may wish to try a sport more suited to their skills, or they may wish to play with a different team. 

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