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VO2 Max Testing


Bon Secours In Motion offers VO2 Max testing for athletes in the Richmond area.

VO2 Max, short for maximal oxygen uptake, is the measure of an individual’s maximum capacity to transport and utilize oxygen during exercise. Also known as aerobic capacity, VO2 max is usually expressed as liters of oxygen per minute. It is a measure of your capacity to generate the energy required for endurance activities and is one of the most important factors determining your ability to exercise for longer than four to five minutes.

The VO2 max capacity of an athlete can be measured by submitting them through a 30-minute evaluation and assessment, which subjects the participant to increasingly strenuous exercise while measuring their rate of oxygen use. Ideally, the oxygen measuring device is attached to the athlete while they are exercising on the same apparatus as their sport: ie., a runner on a treadmill, a cyclist on a stationary cycle, a rower on a rowing machine.

VO2 max capacity can be trained, to a certain degree, but its value is more than simply knowing how much oxygen is used; it is a basic benchmark of aerobic endurance and athletic capacity. Improving your VO2 max by 10 percent without changing any other performance factors can take more than a minute off your 5k time, and is an essential factor in races from 800 meters to the marathon. Your sedentary VO2 max values are genetically determined. However, all individuals can make drastic improvements in VO2 max with the right training stimulus.

The VO2 Max assessment includes:

  • 30-minute evaluation and assessment which includes a 10-minute sub max test on treadmill or bike
  • Data summary of test performance scores

If you are interested in VO2 Max testing, please contact us today!

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