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Speed & Agility

Take your game to the next level with improved speed, agility and quickness. Our program will focus on sport specific speed based on your goals as an athlete.

Through sport specific drills targeting the plyometric (quick-twitch) system of the body, our speed and agility training aims to improve athletic speed and performance. Other benefits of our program include injury prevention, improved body control and flexibility.

All of our programs are personalized to the athlete’s ability and goals and designed by highly-trained performance specialists.

SpeedAgileProgram Features

  • Musculoskeletal evaluation (includes strength, core stability and flexibility)
  • Seven-point functional movement screen to identify neuromuscular deficiencies
  • Video analysis using Dartfish Technology (optional)
  • Injury prevention strategies
  • Visit with sports dietitian (optional)

Program Specifics

All Sports Performance programs include pre and post-testing to show objective improvement. All programs are custom-made and designed by a performance specialist with advanced training in sports performance.

If you are interested in our speed and agility training, please call (804) 325-8812 (Richmond) or (804) 442-3670 (Mechanicsville) for rates and availability.

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