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Eat Healthy This Fall For Peak Performance

Fall Nutrition For Peak Sports PerformanceWhat you put into your body can determine its eventual output in terms of athletic performance. At Bon Secours Sports Performance, our Registered Dieticians work with athletes of all ages with meal planning and dietary assessments to help maintain high levels of energy and endurance. As the seasons change, so often does the availability of certain foods. Fall is a prime time for farmers markets and holiday treats, and if you’re training you may want to take advantage of new flavors. 

Shopping “farm to fork” offers the advantage of natural foods that aren’t as processed as grocery store offerings. You’ll also give back to the community and enjoy a variety of produce and free-range meats and dairy products. As weekend markets open around the area, look for these seasonal favorites to add to your menu:

Fall Fruits

  • Apples – A versatile fruit for training, apples are great to eat during post-workout recovery
  • Cranberries – Cranberries can reduce inflammation and boost immunity as the weather cools
  • Figs – Rich in fiber, figs are a great post-exercise snack that also help restore sugar levels
  • Grapes – Flavonoids in grapes may be beneficial for the circulatory system

Gourds and Vegetables

  • Pumpkins – Pumpkin is a great anti-inflammatory that can help speed up recovery time after a workout, as well as help with muscle healing after exercise
  • Beets – Beets are a superfood known for improving blood pressure during exercise and boosting energy
  • Kale – Rich in iron and helpful to the circulatory system, kale may be enjoyed raw, cooked or in green drinks
  • Garlic – Even one clove of garlic can help release nitric oxide in the blood and increase your oxygen supply

If you have further questions on the right diet to aid in your training this fall, contact Bon Secours Sports Performance to speak with one of our Dieticians.