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Avoiding Injuries After A Long Break From Sports

color-colour-fitness-health-39671When you’ve been away from sports for a long time due to injury or a pandemic, your body has been deconditioned. You’ve lost muscle, some of your skills and some of your speed. While you might want to immediately play at the level you were before or speed up your training to get there faster, the expert trainers at Bon Secours Sports Performance recommend taking your time and follow these tips when getting back in the game.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

When you get moving again, whether you are lifting or sprinting, running drills or throwing a ball, you are going to be disappointed in your skills. That’s completely natural. During your break, you’ve experienced physical effects of deconditioning like:

  • Lower endurance
  • Less strength
  • Poor technique
  • Poor concentration
  • Poor motivation 
  • Reduced speed

Before you get back in the game, prepare yourself mentally for these problems. Tell yourself that it will be long, and even slow, work, but that in four to six weeks, you will be the athlete you were again. Speeding up that timeline could put you at risk for injuries.

Get your motivation back and get excited for your sport, but don’t rush it.

Start With Easier Workouts

Lifting too much too fast is a recipe for injury. The same goes for running too far or working out too long. Your body needs time to rebuild its strength and stamina. Create a workout plan that starts out slow and builds in intensity as you approach the start of your season. Make sure this plan includes rest days to help your muscles recover.

If you will be outside, you’ll also need time to get used to working out in the heat again. Keep plenty of water around and take frequent breaks during outdoor practices.

Set Goals

Each of your training sessions should have a goal. Work toward that goal in the session and stay focused on each day. Your trainer or coach should be able to help you set these goals so that you’ll peak at the right time in your season for the best performance.

At Bon Secours Sports Performance, we can help you create a step-by-step plan to get back to your best. We can help you improve technique, strength, speed and more to prevent injuries throughout training and your season. Contact us today for a personalized and safe training plan.