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ACL Injury Prevention

Improve Athletic Performance and Reduce ACL Injury RiskACL

ACL prevention programs have been shown to reduce the risk of ACL injuries by establishing proper jumping and cutting techniques. The progressive nature of our program ensures that the athlete establishes the balanced muscle strength necessary to execute proper jumping mechanics. Our program builds off of initial strength gains and progresses toward a comprehensive plyometric program simulating sport-specific movement patterns. By promoting gains in strength, coordination and power, this program is designed to improve athletic performance and reduce ACL injury risk.


Program Components

• Movement prep and dynamic warmup
• Landing mechanics drills
• Balance training
• Change of directions drills
• Strength training to support neuromuscular function and efficiency

Pre- and post-tests and evaluations:

• Video analysis of landing mechanics
• Vertical jump
• Single leg hop test

Our ACL Injury Prevention is offered at our Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond and Memorial Regional Medical Center in Mechanicsville.

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